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There is Steep rise in numbers of Over Weight and Obesity individuals in Hyderabad, India and across the world.

Hyderabad has become Diabetes Capital of India. Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes reached Epidemic and Pandemic proportions in Hyderabad, and India. One in every four Indians is now Obese. Another Serious concern is alarming rise of Obesity in Children and Adolscentswho are becoming Obese at very young age. Also more number of Women are affected with Obesity.

Over Weight,Obesity and Diabetes are interlinked and directly related. Most common form of Diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Type 2 variety accounts for 90 % of Diabetes Patients , remaining 10 % are Diabetes Type 1.

  • Over Weight Individuals 30% become Diabetic
  • 90% of Type 2 Diabetics are OverWeight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): Clinical Method of measuring Obesity: Internationally: Above 25 is Over Weight, Above 30 is Obesity. For Indians and South Asians above 23 is Over Weight, and Obesity is above 25,  Also equally Important is Waist Circumference, Indians have more Abdominal Obesity (Belly Fat),  Indians have more fat compared to Muscle Mass. Increase in Abdominal Obesity directly increases risk of Diabetes. There is high Prevalence of Abdominal Obesity, compared to Generalised body Obesity, in Diabetic populations in India.  
  • Obesity is the leading cause of Diabetes and the risk of Diabetes is almost 100 times greater with BMI above 35
  • Diabetes is not a disease but a Metabolic disorder, if one neglects it becomes a serious disease with disastrous consequences totheir own Health
  • Pre Diabetes is like early warning stage before becoming Diabetes.
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes and long standing Diabetes, has very serious consequences and many complications.
  • We assure you Diabetes Control.

All Overweight and Obese individuals should consider themselves as Pre Diabetic and take preventive measures and reduce weight. Obesity is highest among aging educated urban men and women and who are sedentary. People consuming sugary foods and as amount of sugar in foods is continually increasing, processed meals, soft drinks, foods rich in sugars, combination of High Carb and High Fat, energy dense foods which are consumed more often and in large quantities are the reasons for the increased Obesity.

Join our New approach to Weight Loss and Diabetes Control in Hyderabad.

  • Obesity leads to chronic conditions: Diabetes, Hypertenion, Heart attack, Cardiovascular disease, Arthritis, certain types of Cancers.
  • In Women Obesity is associated with high incidence of Infertility and PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Gestational Diabetes with high risk both to the Pregnant Mother and the Baby inside, with possibility of death of the Baby even before it is born.
  • Diabetes is the Silent killer: The disease creeps victims unannounced until suddenly serious health problems appear. Diabetes is the mother of all diseases or many diseases.
  • Diabetes is the most common cause of Kidney failure. People with Kidney failure need either Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant.
  • Diabetic Foot is the leading cause for Amputation of Leg.
  • Other problems with Diabetes: Blindness, Metabolic Syndrome, early Death
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  • What is the root cause of Obesity in Hyderabad?
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  • Is Bariatric Surgery is compulsory for severe obesity in Hyderabad? We can reduce Weight of 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 30 Kg, 40 Kg or 50 Kg

Few Questions: Ask our Best Clinical Dietitian in Hyderabad:

  • Brown Rice or White Rice?
  • Chapatis or Pulkas?
  • Which Cooking Oil is Good?
  • Fruits or No Fruits?
  • Butter to eat or not to eat?
  • Egg white or Whole Egg (withYolk)?
  • Chicken only Skin less or with  Skin?
  • Is dietary fat dangerous?
  • Which food is more dangerous?
  • Which Foods to Eat and Not to Eat?
  • What is healthy Diet?

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